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it is friday august 31st i'm heather holmes. it is the moment that fans have been waiting for and now this year's football season opener is just about to happen tomorrow. tens of thousands of fans are showing up. >> as you can see there are e still people rushing around here and if you look down on the field that is the marching band getting ready for this first game. tomorrow is the first game in this new memorial stadium. one day before the first home game the administration is practically excited. >> we kept everything people
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loved about the old memorial and fixed the things that didn't work so well. the bath rooms and sound and light so we're up to the current standard for college stadiums. >> the old stadium was built in 1923. >> we had an out door stadium with little league snack bars. >> and a new press box is a welcome sight come game day. >> the community is going to be really excited and motivated to go to games. this whole street is going to be crazy and it's going to be cool. >> it's going to bring money to the school the city does sit on hay ward fault. . >> the new structure is perfectly safe. everyone in this building will be safe. >> there's plenty of excitement here. even more than just for the average game. >> this is one of the most
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beautiful stadiums in america, i think. ice -- it's nice see it at its glory. >> the bears and wolf pack o both held closed practices today. you can see around the stadium all kinds of new features that people will see tomorrow. . that's cool. football fans you don't have to wait until tomorrow. in 16 minutes fonzi will have a live report on the high school football game of the week sgl we are following developing news nor for you in the south bay where crews just put o ut a fire in santa clara. you can e soo the damage appear toss be contained to a carport. we are waiting for a return call from the fpt for many more details: now to the continuing
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coverage at the catholic church in san oh is a. jose. 42 year old san jose firefighter paramedic is in stable but critical condition after suffering a heart attack during that fire. . >> he's a firefighter and he's fighting for his life. >> the cause of the fire is still being investigated. it left st. patrick's with e severe structural damage. now the san ma mat owe county after a cell boat capsized this afternoon. news chopper two was live over the scene when the 14 foot boat capsized. a 51 year old man and 16 year
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old girl were in the water. an alameda county boat rescued them. >> frm police in san fireman is a they arrested three people in an identity theft sind cat. el yert r bert arthur was arrested and 26 year old amanda was arrested. all three were taken a-into custody yesterday in their hotel room. auchsers found numerous credit cards and birth certificates prosecutors in san fireman charged archbishop elect with dui. salvatore cordileone was charged with driving under the influence. arraignment has been set for october 9th. that is five days after he is
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to be installed. state lawmakers wait to the last day before passing a historic pension packet. as mike lure ri reports this has rewritten the rules on pensions. >> by a nearly unanimous vote the california senate today approved a reform packet including a man dat that all future blows pay half of their contributions. >> the formulas have to come down. the pleas need to contribute more. and pensions need be capped. >> and those pensions will be capped. the plan will generate between 42 and 55 billion (500)000-0000 in savings. debate in the state assembly
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was more divided. >> i do not believe the problem in the state are the workers and their pensions. >> unions is a they are deeply hurt by the plan. >> we are disappointed in those who voted for a cut in retirement benefits and disgusted with those who didn't vote because it wasn't a big enough cut. >> others is a the plan doesn't go far enough. >> the people of california shouldn't be fooled into believing this solves the problem. >> the pension reform bill is on its way to the governor's desk. today's vote gives governor brown what he wants a tax site on the november ballot. a strong earthquake has left at least one person dead in the philippines.
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the quake killed a 54 year old woman and her 5 year old grandson was hurt when the home collapsed. the quake also knocked out power in towns and cities across the island. many headed for higher ground. now to the gulf coast tonight where hurricane isaac may be gone but the impact is lingering. rescue teams are on patrol in louisiana looking for people stranded. two deaths from drounding were confirmed in plaque mooins parrish. redcross volunteers are heading to the gulf to help. republican president nominee mitt romney and his wife ann joined louisiana governor bobby jindal for a
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tour. . >> the water come from the sky, from the rivers and fa the ocean. all of the above. >> romney's visit lasted several hours. president obama is set to visit on monday clint east -- wood's appearance starked a new phrase, eastwooding. today people took to twitter to take pictures of empty chairs. . president obama marks the two year anniversary of the end of the iraq war by visiting troops in texas. >> thank toss the courage of our forces bin la din will never threaten the united states of america. >> the president thanked the
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soldiers for serving their country. he hits the campaign trail this weekend in iowa then head toss the democratic national convention. ken pritchett will bring us live reports from the convention the price of oil jumped today after a federal reserve chairman suggested that the fed could take action to help stimulate the economy. with interest rates already at record lows and possibly going lower investors are looking for profits in the oil market. the do you added ninety points. traders also liked news from europe of ways to stabilize the price there. shares of facebook hit a
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new low today. shares of the net work site closed at 18.50. today two brokers cut their price for facebook stock because so many shares are out standing. . it looks as though high gas prices want keep people from hitting the road this weekend. this is the east shore freeway through beshg lee where traffic is moving smooth. triple a predicts 2.900-0000 california residents will get in the car and hit the road this weekend. the average price for gas here in california is 4.15 a gallon in less than three hours a major artery across san fireman bay will close for the weekend. crews will use a hydraulic
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system to raise the bridge deck and insert bearings on the eastern end of the span allowing the bridge to bend during an earthquake . 10,000 people may have been exposed to a mouse borne virus this summer. at curry village people have become infected from the virus. two people have died. the cabins are closed now for cleaning and refurbishing. the park is getting close to a thousand calls a day with questions about it. . this east bay couple was wanted but not for a crime. why it took a tv report for them to realize they are now millionaires
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already points on the board in our first high school game of the week. we'll have a live report coming up. a double dij it cool down across parts of the bay area. the warmest day of the holiday weekend and temperature reeding for the weekend coming up
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food service workers picketed ou outside the airport today demanding better working conditions. they said they don't get rest breaks, sick days or paid vacations. the port says it is investigating those allegations. . alabama lottery officials tell us there were more than 20
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(2)000-0000 worth of winnings last year so when a man didn't come forward to claim a 52 $52 million winner, they published his photo. now the unemployed father of three is a millionaire. this couple has been rich for the last month and didn't know. this time for the first time ever, the lottery publish published pictures of the winner before the ticket was claimed. >> if you had this ticket, don't you think there would be shock? he scanned and there was little emotion. >> lottery officials had photo of him buying the ticket and scanning it to see if they was winner. the lottery says they published the photo because they wanted him to claim the ticket and
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minutes later, ktvu was the first to talk to the winners. he realized he was a winner at 2:00 this morning when he saw pictures of himself while check checking his numbers. . >> i saw my picture and i said i think we're wanted. >> they were but not for any crime committed. if you're thinking no one win it is lottery or that you'll never win, some words from this father of three who has been laid off for a year. >> you will win, just be patient. samsung scored a victory today against apple technology. a judge in tokyo dismissed a claim from apple that samsung
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violated their patent. it was a similar case to the one in san jose. a private fun yal service was held for kneel armstrong. as many as ten astronauts were expected to attend. a national memorial service is set for december 12th the petaluma little league team had some big league fans cheering for them tonight. the petaluma nationals got a round of app mraus from the oakland a's. they got to work out with the a's tonight. they're families were invited to watch the game from a box. it is friday night, time for high school football game
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of the week. to want's match uptakes us to san rna moan. kneel fonzi is at the game chosen by viewers. >> high heather. this is a match up between teams that are powers in their leagues. we talked to pittsburgh coach and he said he knows his team needs to step up this week. >> this is our first big test. we're almost mirror images because we're both a physical team and we have the same colors. it will be interesting. the team that makes the least mistakes and plays the hardzest should win this game. >> and along the line of those mirror images you had a man who ran for 200 yards last week and they have a man who ran for 168 yards. . >> yeah, they do a lot of
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damage on the ground. they like to ground the pound and then try to throw the ball over your head. so hopefully if our guys do what they know to do we should do okay. >> johnson who we just talked about scored a touchdown for cal high. they are about to take a 14 to nothing lead if they convert the extra point. we are 4:43 in left in the first kwaert. the extra point was no good. highlights on the 10:00 news. joe fonzi back to you heather. thanks. rumors are flying that randy jackson will no longer serve as a judge on american idol. the tmz is reporting that he
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will stay on as a mentor. singer nick dee mishgsinaj has signed on. hundreds of bay area artest rists are show casing their work this weekend. plus cooler today but warmer weather is in store for the holiday weekend. if you're on the go or away from the tv you can watch newscasts live on your computer or smart phone. get the free app or go to [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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it hasn't happened in more than two years but tobt a blue moon will shine over the bay area. this happens every two to three years. oakland space and science center is hosting free lunar viewing events tonight and tomorrow. for more on how that viewing is going the be let's check in with mark the fog is going be a challenge. inlabd r land though you might
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see some breaks in the cloud. right now as you can see on storm tracker two, there's that storm deck and also right around the bay this resurfaced. as you can see the clouds are a big factor. typically every day we talk about the coastal fog out there, what happens to today is the mid layer deep enned, as a result that cooler air got transported inland and temperatures cooled off a good 15 to 20 degrees. so that means we had areas yesterday around 90, today only in the upper 610660s 2070s. of course a big weekend coming up, tomorrow will be the coolest day of the weekend with partly cloudy skies and then we warm up on sunday.
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labor day it will be warm. first thing tomorrow morning for saturday those readings will be in the #140rs to #140rz. this area of low pressure was in place for today. this begins to scoot out over the weekend as high pressure returns. we do warm up those numbers, monday will be the warmest day of the holiday weekend. the beaches will be the warm sxots the inlands the hot range. here we go with clouds and drizzle saturday morning and then clearing back to the shore mines. temperatures inland only in the 70s. we will warm up compared to today. fairfield around 79, oakland, 67, san jose 74 here is a look
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ahead, monday the warmest day and a few high clouds by tuesday of next week. >> thank yous mark and hopefully it will with a be a nice day for the art festival. today we got a sneak peek at the set up. there will be lots of artists and musical performances. has more on this as well as other labor day weekend events just click on the holiday weekend tab. thanks so much for trusting ktvu news. wooerl be back at 10:00 -- we'll back at mo updates. have a great labor day weekend. we'll see you back here on
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